What People are Saying About Tony Steele

Sam Keen

Author: Fire in the Belly & Learning to Fly

Noted author, Sam Keen, began flying on the trapeze at the age of 70.

"He taught me how to find joy in discipline. It took us 93 attempts before we could catch the double with any regularity. It was a delight to have him as my teacher and friend."

Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE

Author: Off Balance On Purpose

Hall of Fame Speaker

Member of Speakers Round Table

President, Motivation Works, Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia 

"It is impossible to meet Tony Steele (or read his book) without feeling uplifted and more capable than ever before! His incredible life and indelible spirit will inspire your next breakthrough and change you forever."

Maureen Brunsdale

Special Collections Librarian

Illinois State University

Normal, Illinois

"Tony Steele is one of the Legendary Greats. Being the first to complete the 3 1/2 somersault from the fly bar to a catcher puts him in this category. For me, it's his great capacity to teach those of us who will never reach his stratosphere and doing so with his lovable elfin spirit, that will forever keep him in the pantheon of 'Best Ever' performers. Body of Steele, heart of Gold. That one sentence sums up who Tony is to me."

Giovanni Livera

Author: Live a Thousand Years, Have the Time of Your Life

"Tony Steele is an inspiration. His spirit for flying and life ignites the untapped potential in all of us to reach higher."

Jean Schulz

Board President, Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA

"I first met Tony flying on Sam Keen's rig here in California. What enchanted me about Tony was his boyish pleasure in everything he did. All of us wanted to emulate Tony's joy in flying and he "taught" us with positive reinforcement."

Armando Gaona

Member of the World Famous Flying Gaona's and International Circus Performer Extraordinaire

"Tony is a beautiful person and a helpful Trapeze teacher; simply one of the greatest. He loved to help us and he admired us. That meant a lot to us, because he is a famous person."

Al Light M.S., P.E.S.

Head Coach of Acrobatics, Cirque du Soleil - K.A.

"Tony Steele epitomizes grit, determination, and the courage it takes to be a true pioneer. He taught me universal truths such as: 'Anything can be accomplished once you truly decide to do it.' - and - 'You are, in most cases, only limited by yourself.' He has been the most profound influence on my career, as well as an immeasurable influence of six decades of performers of every level."