DVD: The World Tour of Trapeze Legend, Tony Steele


More than an hour of "edge of your seat," high-flying AMAZEMENT, this DVD displays scenes from Tony's performances in France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the USA! Also featured is Tony's performance at Illinois State University with the Gamma Phi Circus at the age of 73! You'll see him bring the house down, as the crowd goes into disbelief, watching his shear defiance and determination performing on the Trapeze as a tenacious senior citizen. In addition, you'll see him appear as a guest flyer at Circus Juventas in St. Paul, MN. And if that's not all, we've included 3 news segments of Tony Steele flying on the Trapeze, after his stroke and open brain surgery. Those jaw-dropping news clips prove, that Tony Steele has robbed each of us the opportunity of ever giving up again!  Enjoy the show!